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Get insights for your or any research organization globally to support research strategy development, impact assessment and collaboration analysis. Benchmark your or any organization against others – to identify trends, patterns and opportunities!

What Dimensions Perspectives & Insights can do for you

Dimensions P&I provides decision-support by harmonizing data from disparate-but-now-connected sources, such as: publications, grants, patents, policy documents and coming in soon – clinical trials and datasets to provide perspective and generate data insights. 

Through seven thematic reports comprising a total of 22 dashboards, users are empowered with simple pathways to discover the story within the data, without needing data-science backgrounds.  Wide-ranging insights will support strategic decision making:

Measuring the impact of key players

  • Measuring the impact of key players
  • Most productive researchers
  • Most influential (i.e. cited) researchers
  • Top funders by grant revenue
  • Most diversified grant-portfolio by funder

Understanding collaboration networks

  • Most productive/influential collaborations (intra-organization, national, or international)
  • Most productive/influential academic-corporate collaborations

Illuminating hidden areas of research strengths

  • Topics analysis including concept (i.e. keyword) breakdowns
  • Most productive researchers as measured by publications, research funding, collaborations, patents, or clinical trials
  • Most influential (i.e. cited) researchers
  • Academic-age buckets measuring how diversified your grant revenue, publication productivity, and research impact is on the seniority spectrum all the way from PhD candidates to endowed department chairs
  • Benchmarking against the peer organizations with whom you collaborate most
  • Benchmark against handpicked institutions you consider to be your fiercest rivals or aspirational peers
  • Measuring the impact of your organization’s research through most cited research areas, the people and organizations doing the citing
  • See and understand the impact on the world beyond the ivory tower: what at the most cited publications from your organization in patents, are there any publications cited by first-in-human clinical trials or are your researcher’s publications referenced in policy documents authored by international institutions such as the World Health Organization, Work Bank, and Office of the European Union?

Confirming institutional compliance

  • Institutional ORCID coverage
  • Open-Access funder mandate compliance

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