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Horizon scanning, technology watch, and technology foresight: How we support with unique global data and insights
In this webinar, we show you how to conduct more effective horizon scanning, and get ahead of the curve with technology watch and technology foresight.
Introducing datasets as a new content type to Dimensions
The Dimensions database now integrates more than 1.4m datasets as a new content type. In this webinar you will learn what datasets are and which datasets are integrated into the Dimensions information ecosystem, why datasets are important for you and your work, and how you can use the datasets integrated into Dimensions to your advantage.
A joined-up perspective on research with Dimensions and Altmetric – a case study of biochar
Have you ever had to get across an unfamiliar research topic quickly? In a complex and changing landscape, looking at publications and citations is not enough – the contextual factors surrounding a research topic are increasingly important as well. Using Dimensions’ state-of-the-art capability to apply classifications and concepts, we can…
Money, money, money (for research!) – inform your funding strategies using Dimensions data
In this webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage Dimensions grant and patent data to help: Assess funding trends in varying fields, disciplines and topicsExplore potential funders beyond “the usual suspects”Strengthen grant applications by examining successful awardsIdentify collaborators to help broaden potential sources of fundingSurface corporate entities suitable for partnership,…
Using Dimensions to transform collection management – an interview with Curtis Brundy
Please join us for another “fireside chat” (minus the fire) with Curtis Brundy. Curtis is the Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and Collections at Iowa State University. He is active in efforts to transform scholarly communications and is especially interested in finding sustainable open models for self-publishing societies and…
Enhancing your Gap Analysis with Machine Enhanced Literature Retrieval
In this webinar you will learn how Dimensions data can be used to enhance your literature gap analysis. Dimensions is particularly suitable for performing literature gap analyses on a large scale, combining standard abstract searches with high precision full text queries and subsequent aggregation.
Understanding trends in Open Access and Sustainable Development Research — A Q&A with NTU Singapore
4:00-5:00pm SST & AWT / 7:00-8:00pm AEDT / 8:00-9:00am GMT The research landscape is changing rapidly: Open Access publications have surpassed subscription-only publications.Over 10% of global research output was related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is vital that institutions are able to understand and act on these trends…
Get access to all Dimensions data for scientometric research via Google BigQuery
A special webinar in partnership with the European Summer School for Scientometrics (ESSS) Dimensions is a unique database that extends beyond traditional publication and citation databases by including the whole research and innovation lifecycle including grants metadata, patents, clinical trials and policy documents. In this webinar, which is aimed…
Boosting your REF2021 submission with Dimensions’ Unit of Assessment categorisation
Watch our webinar to learn how Dimensions’ new Unit of Assessment categorisation can support your REF submission and provide you with new insights. Daryl Naylor and Juergen Wastl will demonstrate how to identify publishing trends in UoA's, benchmark against peer institutions, perform a UoA impact analysis or institutional collaboration analysis, find the top researchers per UoA, and much more.
Showcase the influence and engagement of your research to improve your narratives for grant-funding applications
Join our webinar and discover deeper insights about your research, how to determine your top research outputs, and write compelling narratives for grant applications. In a complex and changing funding landscape, Dimensions and Altmetric tools provide you with powerful analytics to combine publication and citation metrics with contextual factors to…
Build a Campus Wide Growth Strategy
Join us for this one hour webinar to learn more about how Dimensions data can be used to help inform discussions and decisions made when developing a campus-wide strategy for growth.
Advance therapeutic development with the power of semantic analysis and chemistry search – a case study of Alzheimer’s disease
Dimensions L&C, a new product in the Digital Science portfolio, applies the latest semantic analysis tools and ontologies on over 120 million scientific publications, as well as millions of patents, grants and clinical trial documents, to create a unique tool for scientists that offers powerful discovery functionality on a new…
Discover and analyse research in context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
In our webinar, we will investigate how universities can get an overview of their own SDG-research and its authors, funders, publishers, collaborators and impact. We will also look at how publishers can find out about the presence of SDG-related research in their journals, and we will look at SDG-research at national level.
Using Dimensions to Evaluate Postgraduate Success of Texas A&M’s PhD students in Research Careers
Tracking the success of PhD students while enrolled at your institution and post-graduation can help improve graduate programs as well as support accreditation and graduate program reviews. Until recently, Texas A&M recorded and tracked PhD students’ progress while they were attending A&M, but rarely after they graduate. Recently, The…
Open Access, Connections & Impact: Using Dimensions for end-to-end Open Access discovery and reporting to make informed decisions for research excellence
The impact of Open Access is not just limited to a university’s publications. Join us to learn how Dimensions can help you discover the real impact of Open Access at your institution by going beyond research articles and traditional bibliometrics with the power of AI-driven discovery and linked data.
Discover emerging trends to guide your editorial strategy with Dimensions’ forward looking grants data
Watch this webinar to learn how Dimensions’ rich and connected grants data can be used to identify emerging research trends that can help you shape your editorial strategy.
Make a difference at scale: Big data query optimisation with Dimensions on BigQuery
Dimensions hosts an unprecedented collection of datasets on the Google BigQuery platform: 112 million publications with 1.3 billion citations, millions of grants, patents and datasets, 600,000 clinical trials, and more than 120 million Altmetric data points, all linked together to provide a comprehensive view of the research and innovation landscape.
Classifying research grants by Sustainable Development Goals
In this webinar, we shared the results of an analysis made during April and May 2021, in which we attempted to document the likely impact on the sustainability agenda from competitive research grants. Grants awarded by Britain’s UKRI funder group over a 10 year period were analysed using Digital…
Informing Collection Development with the Dimensions API: an interview with Lauren Castle at UNSW
Lauren Castle is a Collection Development Librarian at the University of New South Wales. Lauren’s team have been using the Dimensions API to provide additional insight into how the Library Collection is used and to inform collection development decisions. In this interview and Q&A session, find out how Lauren…
Get better insights for medical affairs with Dimensions
Spend less time searching for the right information and more time acting on it. Dimensions is a comprehensive discovery and analytics platform with millions of data points, and an ideal information source for medical affairs professionals.  Leading biomedical companies use Dimensions to find new KOLS, publications, and competitive intelligence with…
“How I use Dimensions” – an interview with Donna Axel from the University of Colorado
Please join us for a half-hour conversation with Donna Axel about how she uses the Dimensions platform in her work at the University of Colorado, Boulder.Donna works full time as a Proposal Editor & Writing Coach with faculty from Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences. She obtained her BA from…
Using Altmetric and Dimensions: Enriched insights to extensively articulate the reach and influence of your research
Learn how medical schools and health systems can utilise Dimensions and Altmetric tools to demonstrate the reach and influence of their biomedical research.
Using Dimensions to make strategic collection development decisions
Dimensions offers the most comprehensive collection of linked data in a single platform; from grants, publications, datasets and clinical trials to patents and policy documents. Because Dimensions maps the entire research lifecycle, it allows you to follow your institution’s research from funding through publishing output to impact. In this webinar…
Using Dimensions to Track and Report on Rejected Submissions
Watch our webinar and learn how to leverage the nearly 120 million publication records in Dimensions to scalably report on your rejected submissions. Easily find if rejected submissions were eventually published, by whom, and what impact they have created. You will gain key insights to help steer submission review strategy…
Navigating the research landscape with Dimensions: an interview with Russell Funk, Carlson School of Management
Catch up on a 30 minute session with Russell Funk, as he describes how he utilizes Dimensions in his research. Russell is an assistant professor in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship group at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. His research focuses primarily on network science, technology strategy, and the…
Digital Science Toolkit: Game Changing Software for National Labs
Game changing digital tools for national labs. Overleaf, Dimensions, Altmetric & Figshare – how do these tools make the process of writing, monitoring, sharing, and managing research smoother and more efficient for national labs? In this webinar we will discuss the impressive ecosystem of research tools from Digital Science and…
How to use Google Sheets to find academic experts in Dimensions
Do you often need to find experts to review submitted grant applications or manuscripts, to fill open research positions or to find collaborators? In this webinar we will show you step-by-step how to use the recently released Google Sheets add-on to query Dimensions, and easily find the most relevant experts…
What do your researchers do next? Use Dimensions data to find out
The Dimensions database offers the most comprehensive collection of linked data in a single platform; from grants, publications, datasets and clinical trials to patents and policy documents. Our researcher profiles, aggregated using advanced machine learning techniques, display the outputs of individual researchers, from publications to patents. When PhD students graduate…
Empower your author engagement with Dimensions
As recent worldwide events push the publisher landscape towards Open Access (OA) models even faster, it’s becoming mission-critical for publishers to focus on author engagement activities. Now, it’s more important than ever to know who your most prominent and most loyal authors are, to nurture them, and to always be…
Using Dimensions as a Rankings Analyst – an Interview with Katy Miller
We kindly invite you to join our 30-minute interview-style webinar with Katy Miller, in which she will talk about how she uses Dimensions in her daily work. Katy is a Rankings Analyst at Victoria University of Wellington (her alma mater, having graduated with an MA in Anthropology). She has worked…
Advantages of the Dimensions approach to journal indexing
Dimensions aims to cover all aspects and objects of the research process since fast access to quality data is crucial to discovery and research assessment. That is why we are as inclusive as possible when integrating publications into the Dimensions database. Not just when it comes to journal articles but…
Using Dimensions publication and grants data to validate transformative agreements
In this webinar, we will show you how to make your transformative agreement more successful by using Dimensions rich publication and grants data. Looking at robust data surrounding authorship and funding in topical areas by country, geography, institution, and funder, you will learn how to reveal key insights into the current and future state of play for your discipline which will complement your own usage statistics.
How undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University used Dimensions data to create innovative internal dashboards
Join us for a group discussion led by Kyra Balenzano, Melissa Dy, Michael Li, and Veda Lin at Carnegie Mellon University about how this team of undergraduate Statistics & Data Science students used Dimensions data to create innovative internal dashboards for university faculty and staff. These dashboards allow users to gain…
Dimensions on Google BigQuery: breaking barriers between users and data
Dimensions provides a comprehensive view of the research and innovation landscape. Updated daily, it currently contains 112m linked publications with 1.3bn citations, 5.5m grants worth $1.7 trillion in research funding, 41m patents, 600k clinical trials, over 120m Altmetric data points and, critically, links between all these inputs and outputs to…
How to build a Covid-19 dashboard using Dimensions on BigQuery and Data Studio
In this tutorial we will show how to create a simple COVID-19 dashboard using Dimensions on Google BigQuery. At the end of the tutorial you will know more about the Dimensions data available via BigQuery, how it is structured, how to access it using a visualization tool…
Evaluate your institution’s Open Access policy and inform an Open Access outreach plan
Are you curious about the impact of your institution’s Open Access policy? Wanting to identify researchers at your university who published openly, and how many of them are complying with funder mandates such as Plan S? Or wondering how much of a specific journal is Open Access? You can get…
Inform your Research Strategy with new, game-changing insights
Join our webinar to learn how to use grants, patents, clinical trials, and publications for new and deeper insights about your research and its environment. Make your analyses tell you more - with the data in Dimensions you can get richer insights into competition, collaboration, disciplines, or impact. It can help you discover new opportunities, avoid dead ends, and set new waypoints.
How Dimensions can boost your Marketing & Communication activities
Discover how Dimensions can help you keep up to date on the latest publications and awards at your institution, find similar research with significant coverage to find appropriate outlets for outreach, identify researchers at your institution, discover research that is receiving attention online, quickly surface research publications, grants, clinical trials and intellectual property at your institution to tie into trending news topics, and more.
Use Dimensions and its API to enrich records in Pure and other CRIS/RIMS systems
In this webinar we will show how research institutions who are using the Pure system from Elsevier or other CRIS systems can use the Dimensions API for their different needs. In particular, we will showcase how Pure users can take advantage of the affiliation resolution capabilities with the upcoming release of the Pure Write-API, to help untangle external organisation records that accumulate over time and much more.
Discover our top time-saving strategies for finding reviewers with Dimensions
The peer review process is vital to helping funders make critical decisions. The NIH alone receives over 50,000 grant applications per year, making this task extremely time-consuming. Funders need fast access to accurate data-driven search results pulled across millions of data assets to successfully organize and manage the grant application process. In this webinar you will learn how Dimensions can help.
The Impact of Irish Research: Discovery and Analysis Using Dimensions
Watch this webinar to discover more about the impact of Irish research, learn about the life-cycle of Irish research from grant to publication to impact, find out what the latest trends in funding are, and discover the Open Access trends in Irish Research.
Dimensions for the compliance office
Spending a lot of time and effort complying with federal mandates regarding disclosures of foreign funding, intellectual property and clinical trials? Find out in just 30 minutes how Dimensions can save you hours of time on these tasks via our interlinked database of over 100M publications, 5M awarded grants, 39M patent records, 500K clinical trials from around the world, and more.
Scientific and technical competitive intelligence gathering using Dimensions deep data discovery
In this webinar you will learn how Dimensions deep data discovery can be used to access scientific and technical data across a networked view of global research information.

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