Government and funders

Hundreds of funders rely on Dimensions to reach their strategic goals

For years, leading funders have been using the robust Dimensions grant database to transform their workflows. Applications have been broad, from evaluating applications and designing funding strategies and programs, to positioning those programs in the international research funding landscape. Now that Dimensions is home to a vast array of connected publications, there are new opportunities; not only for funders, but for national research policy initiatives or assessment exercises.

Map the global research landscape

Search and monitor activity in specific fields, benchmark your funding activity against that of other organizations, and identify emerging topic areas or research themes to support.

Evaluate project outcomes

Track the impact of research you’ve funded through metrics, clinical trials, publications, policies, and patents, or use the data and APIs to develop custom reporting and analytical views.

Expand your reviewer base

Quickly and effectively identify potential reviewers, be alerted to potential conflicts of interest, and streamline the process for your teams.

Inform funding strategies and programs

With Dimensions, you can gain insights to inform your funding strategies within seconds; we have leveraged the latest machine learning and NLP technologies to build connections between data and visualize the results.

Plan for national assessment and research policy activities

With its range of connected content types, the Dimensions data universe provides new possibilities for science policy planning, execution, and national level assessment.

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