Increase discoverability of your content … and that’s just the beginning

Dimensions is an innovative, cross-publisher discovery engine for researchers. As a publisher, that means your content can be found by audiences as diverse as individual researchers, organizations, funders, and governments. But that’s not all Dimensions offers… By collating information across the research lifecycle, it provides a powerful tool you can use to monitor, plan, and evaluate a range of business activities.

Evaluate portfolio performance

Track the academic and broader impacts of your publications; understand how they compare with other titles in a specific field or discipline, and realize more comprehensive reporting for your editorial boards and marketing efforts.

Build key relationships

Identify potential reviewers, authors, or editors, and understand and evaluate their contribution to a field. Dimensions can save your employees time and effort by streamlining these processes and delivering the most relevant results, fast.

Shape publication strategy

Monitor publications and awarded grants to identify emerging fields and ensure you are perfectly placed to serve them; for example, use the data to inform special issue and journal scope development or explore specific topics in depth.

Benefit from unique business intelligence and analytics

Make business intelligence connections between research funders, funding trends and data, scholarly publications and impact. Measure what percentage of your content is funded by specific funders or groups of funders.

Enrich your publications with Dimensions badges

Embed a Dimensions Badge into your own website or application, allowing your users to easily see how many citations your publications have received. We make it easy for publishers to embed Dimensions Badges into their site using a simple line of code. Please register here and we will be in touch.

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Dimensions Analytics

Dimensions Analytics supports complex data analysis to meet the needs of publishers.

Dimensions Badges

Contextualise your publications on your platform with free Dimensions badges or calling on the free Metrics API.

Get your content indexed

Find out about our indexing process and how to improve the representation of your content in Dimensions.

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